About the artist

Reinardus van Ewijk was born in Oss (NL) in 1969. He lives and works in Sint-Martens-Latem (BE). He studied graphic design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. 

Reinardus always starts his portraits with a reference. Although he is holding back on explaining his works, he always tries to give a hint in his titles. Most important is to give every piece a certain mood, although It might be hard to say just what that mood is. Underneath facades of layered texture he tries to give the original an extra dimension.

“I’d start with the outlines of an existing face, and then just let it go. I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out, it’s not like this is the image I have in my head. It’s just the way I paint, what I do on the canvas. Playing with colors, brushes, palettes and textures.